Hi! My name is Tommi and welcome to Lock and Quiche. My very first memory is two-year-old me standing on a chair next to the counter, helping my mom bake Christmas cookies. Food inspires me in a way nothing else can. I love the transformation of raw ingredient to something beautiful and delicious. To put it plainly, I’m completely obsessed with food.

I’m a cook at a French restaurant here in Nashville, TN, and I’m currently finishing up my last year of culinary school. I live with my lovely boyfriend Chris, who is also a cook and a baker. Together, our lives pretty much revolve around cooking and eating.

I’m still learning exactly what I want to do in the culinary world, right now I’m in love with southern comfort food, cookies, charcuterie (that is cured meats, sausages, pate and such), craft beer, Irish whiskey, and chocolate. I do love my veggies though and I’ll never turn away a plate full of bright summer colors. Potatoes make my heart sing, Brussels sprouts give me joy, mushrooms make me smile, and I don’t think there’s a better thing on this planet than a perfectly ripe tomato.

I’m definitely more than a little bit weird, but hopefully you (my invisible internet friends!) will find that endearing and maybe I’ll even make you giggle a little. I hope you enjoy what you find here and maybe learn a little something too. Also, please bear with me on my photography; this is totally new to me. All of the photos on here are being shot with my iPhone 5…I’m in the process of buying a camera, but I’m taking my time to research. Any advice on cameras or photography would be greatly appreciated!


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