what I’ve been up to…

…obviously not cooking for this thing. Oops.

Sorry I haven’t been writing lately…first, I had spring break, which inspired me to do absolutely nothing. I got a tattoo though, its a poppy flower on my left forearm. I got in in memory of my daddy, he passed away when I was 14. I’m pretty pleased with it, shout out to Emperor Tattoo (especially my artist, Rachel), they’re an awesome group of folks.


also, shout out to The Great Gatsby lurking in the corner…rereading it for the first time since high school

And then, I had my 22nd birthday. We didn’t do much except go eat pizza & cake, drink beer, and then fall asleep by 9:30. I guess 22’s the new 40. I certainly feel older than 21, that’s for sure. That might just be from working too much and not sleeping enough…but that’s beside the point.


here’s my lovely momma and I at my birthday dinner

I’ve had to cut down my course load at school from full time to part time, in order to keep my job at the French restaurant. I don’t mind that much, it just means it’s gonna be 3 months longer until I graduate AND I get a little more time each week to actually concentrate on my school work and have a little free time, so thats nice.

Today, Chris and I went to Radnor Lake with some of that new found free time. It felt so good to hike again. I missed the woods. I’m glad spring is finally here, because that means that all sorts of wildflowers have started to pop up. Tennessee springs are quite great.

ImageImageImageImageHopefully in the next week or so, things will get settled enough and I’ll have some time (and a day with enough sunlight) to shoot some more recipes for you guys. I have so many ideas that I want to share with y’all…I just need to get off my lazy butt and start cooking.


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